Receiving our rescued adopted dog from Romania

Titi goes from shelter to a car - Pia Levonen

Titi goes from shelter to a car – Pia Levonen

Finally on the 24.3.2013, after approx. 4 months when we started searching, we received our rescued, adopted dog from Romania through the Kodittomien Koirien Ystävät (friends of homeless dogs) from Finland.

Here you can see Lukas (Titi) journey from Romania until Vantaa Airport, Finland.

Titi goes from shelter to a car – Pia Levonen

Titi in a car ready to leave Cernavoda – Pia Levonen

Titi in Bucarest aeroport in the same box with Bolt – Pia Levonen

Finland here we come! Goodbye Romania! - Pia Levonen

Finland here we come! Goodbye Romania! – Pia Levonen

Since there are no straight flights from Romania to Finland, the journey was still long, circa 6h30 with one stop. This means the dogs had to be able to travel in the crates without stress and one would think they would need possible mild tranquillizers to minimize the constraints of the long trip, but actually it is not recommended, so no tranquillizers were administrated and the dogs seemed to have managed quite nicely  Normally no food is given 7 to 12 hours before the flight and only water is provided. This decreases digestion problems and defecation during the trip. Therefore, the dogs were very hungry once they arrived to the airport.

We were told to be at the airport 15 minutes before the arrival for signing the responsibility term of adoption, medication supplies for the diverse worms treatment and further guidelines. Once the dogs arrived we went outdoors, where there would be less confusion and there it was the first time we saw our beautiful dog Lukas (Titi)!

Pia Levonen (adoption responsible from Kodittomien Koirien Ystävät) with Lukas placing the coller

Sony and Bolt dogs that came to Finland from Romania as well.

Ellie getting Lukas attention for the first time with the Kong toy

Martin interacting with Lukas for the first time.

Outside gathering to receive the dogs. Exciting time!

Lukas is now part of our family!

Now it is time to get Lukas trained to live with us and our three cats. Lots of work ahead with lots of rewards and praise. We will train Lukas with Positively approach by Victoria Stilwell, a famous dog trainer of the Tv series “Its me or the dog“. Keep watching our blog as more posts will come towards the different stages and development of the training! Videos included. Comments and tips are more than welcome!!

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